How have you amended your standard delivery process to protect your customers and drivers?

The safety and well-being of everyone who uses Ocado, both customers and colleagues, is our priority. Following the latest advice from the World Health Organisation and UK Government with regards to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we have reviewed our delivery process and made the following changes:

  • When delivering groceries, our drivers will knock on your door or ring the doorbell. You will be greeted as normal but our drivers will then place the bags containing your groceries on the doorstep (rather than bring them into your home). This will be within easy reach. For the interim, these bags will not be passed directly to you, nor will our delivery drivers be bringing these into your home. If you live in a flat, please note that we will still try to deliver outside the front door of your flat but our drivers may call you to ask if they can drop this outside of your building.
  • You will still be able to return substitutions at the door, the only difference, for now, is that your driver will ask you first if you are happy with them and, if not, will take back the substitutions before you pick up the shopping. Unfortunately, they cannot take back substitutions if you’ve already touched your shopping. Please note that our supply chain is not functioning as smoothly as normal so please be more understanding in accepting substitutions.
  • Challenge 25 checks of age-restricted items will continue as normal and customers will still be able to accept or return substitutions on the doorstep. 
  • Following the latest WHO advice, we will temporarily not be collecting any carrier bags for recycling. We ask that you save these bags at home for the time being. Please note that we have stopped charging for our bags for this period. We will inform you when we will be collecting these once again and will take all your empty bags back then. If you are self-isolating, please do let us know by contacting our Customer Service team through this Contact Us form. 

We’ve also purchased COVID-19 testing kits so that all our frontline colleagues can regularly access tests and continue to safely provide a vital service to as many customers as possible.

During this period of exceptionally high demand for deliveries, we are working hard to ensure that we get as much food into as many homes as possible in the safest manner. We thank you for your support and understanding.

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