Will the driver still carry my shopping into my home?

To help protect both you and our drivers, we’re reducing the points of contact when we deliver. Your driver will knock and greet you as normal, but they will then place the bags on your doorstep for you to take inside. They will no longer be carrying them into your home or handing them to you directly. 

If you live in a flat, please note that we will still try to deliver outside the front door of your flat but our drivers may call you to ask if they can drop this outside of your building.

Customers will still be able to return substitutions at the door, the only difference, for now, is that your driver will ask you first if you are happy with them and, if not, will take back the substitutions before you pick up the shopping. Unfortunately, they cannot take back substitutions if you’ve already touched your shopping.

Challenge 25 checks for age-restricted products will continue as normal.

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