Why can’t I shop using the Ocado app?

A few months ago we announced we were turning the app back on and slowly rolling it out to small groups of customers. We did it this way so that we could make sure the app was performing at its best. 

We appreciate some customers are frustrated at still not having access to the app. Unfortunately, the app isn't ready to take on the load of more customers right now. An increase in the current amount of people using it would cause the app the crash again for an extended period of time.

We’re doing everything we can to sort this out as quickly as possible without compromising the app quality we’re known for. We’ll be testing a new system soon to prevent the app from overloading. If it works well, we’ll be able roll out the app to even more customers.

When possible, you’ll get an email when it’s ready for you to use. In the meantime, please continue to use our website.

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