Why are you prioritising some customers, can’t you serve all Ocado customers right now?

We wish we could but it’s just not possible. 

No matter how hard we work, we simply do not have the capacity right now to meet all the demand we are seeing from existing customers, let alone new ones. We’re sorry to disappoint anybody that chooses Ocado and we look forward to welcoming these new customers in the future when we have capacity to serve them. 

Since Coronavirus arrived, practically every one of the nearly 800,000 active customers we had at the end of 2019, no matter how infrequently they may have shopped previously, now wants to place at least one order every week. At the same time, with families at home all week, the average size of orders has grown more than 50% meaning fewer orders can be picked and transported. This is a level of demand several times our current capacity. With these new bigger grocery shops our customers are doing, even running our warehouses 24/7 with new colleagues to support us, we cannot deliver to more than 250,000 homes in any given week.

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