Why has the cost of my Smart Pass changed?

We’re adjusting our Smart Pass price plan. We’re doing this to ensure the price remains competitive for all of our customers, while still providing great value for money. This includes ending any historically discounted memberships.


The full price of a standard Anytime Smart Pass is £8.99 per month, £49.99 every six months and £89.99 annually.

A Midweek Smart Pass costs £3.99 a month, £22.49 every six months and £39.99 annually. 

If the price of your Smart Pass has changed, it’s to bring your cost in line with this adjusted pricing structure, which includes removing historically discounted memberships. Of course, a Smart Pass is still a great way to save money on your weekly shop. For more information about Smart Pass, go to ocado.com/smartpass or click on the Smart Pass tab on our homepage.

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