What is your Life Guarantee?

We show a Life Guarantee on all fresh products, which is the minimum number of days you can expect an item to last. This is counted from the day following your delivery.

It’s best to book your delivery slot before adding items to your trolley – this will show you the most accurate product information for your delivery.

We do our best to meet the product life specified on the website, but there may be a small number of exceptions within the millions of products supplied each week. Of course, we'll promptly and fully refund the price of any goods that do not meet your satisfaction if you notify us within the time period set out in our Purchase Terms.

This applies also to any products that do not meet the amount of guaranteed shelf life, and you won't need to show any other fact to demonstrate that you are not satisfied with their condition.

For full information, see our Terms & Conditions.

If you need help or advice on a product, please get in contact with us, here.

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