I thought M&S had a smaller range, with a focus on ready meals and convenience food. Will I be able to do a full shop?

There is no need to worry. Waitrose products currently make up less than 10% of our current food range which also includes Ocado Own-Label, big brands and small suppliers, plus brands exclusive to Ocado, like Daylesford, which in fact account for the majority of our most popular products.

M&S have a great range of prepared meals and on-the-go foods, but there’s a lot more to their range than that. They have a huge fresh offering and have strong relationships with some of the country’s best fresh food producers and suppliers. So, while M&S will replace as many Waitrose products as possible on ocado.com, you’ll also be able to shop for additional M&S products you can’t get anywhere else.

M&S are recognised as the best product developers in the industry and are creating lots of new items that will launch in September. These will fill many gaps and include lots of regular, great-value lines to directly replace Waitrose products.

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