What is 'Instant Shop'?

Instant Shop is an innovative feature that makes shopping online with us even quicker and easier. It creates a 'suggested order' for you, based on products you like to buy, how often you like to buy them and even how many of them you usually buy. You can then fine-tune your 'suggested order', so you're always in complete control.

To fine-tune your 'suggested order', simply select what products we should always include; ones we should never include; and ones that you're happy for Your Instant Shop to add, based on your previous orders.

The feature works hand-in-hand with our Ocado Reserved service, so you can set up and book a regular delivery slot and typical order in seconds.

Note: Although 'Instant Shop' will be available to you after your first order, it will be much more accurate and effective after your third shop.

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