How do I change or edit an order or delivery?

Making changes to an existing order is pretty easy.

On our website:

Find the order you want to change by clicking on My Orders, then 'Edit'. You can add products by shopping on our virtual shelves as usual or remove products by going to 'View trolley'. You can also change the delivery slot.

If you've already placed items into your trolley, when you click 'Edit' you'll be asked if you want to add those items to the existing order or leave them in the trolley for a new order.

On our app:

You can find the order you want to change on the homepage. Tap the order and then select 'Edit order'.

Alternatively, you can find the products you want to add and tap 'One Click” to add them to your trolley right away

Remember to check out again once you've finished editing. If you don't, the changes you made to your order won't be saved.

You can edit an order as many times as you like until its cut-off time.

To find out how to cancel your order, click here. 


Still having trouble?

Chat to one of our friendly customer service advisors, here - we're always happy to help! 

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