How do I find groceries suitable for special diets?

Setting up your Food Profile in Account Settings, will make shopping with dietary needs, easier. Using Food Profiles, you can select your dietary preferences based on a list of attributes and have unsuitable products flagged accordingly. This should save you time on your shop by making it easier to see which purchases match up to your unique dietary needs. 

Need help setting up your Food Profile? Please read our FAQ, 'How do I set up my Food Profile'.

We've also added some handy 'Dietary & Lifestyle' filters to our product aisles, making it even easier to browse for organic, vegetarian or 'free from' groceries.

To add a filter, just click on the 'Browse Shop' tab at the top of the page and select the category to go to a specific aisle. Once in the aisle, you'll find filters on the left-hand side of the page. Scroll down to the 'Dietary & Lifestyle' box and tick the filters you'd like to add. Selected filters will only remain active for your visit, so if you leave, remember to tick them again when you come back.

The majority of our products also have 'back of pack' information, which will provide you with a little more detail about a particular product. To find this information you just have to click on the product image or name in the aisle go through to the product page. 

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