Why are you charging me for carrier bags?

The English government introduced a law in 2018 that requires all large retailers to charge at least 5p for plastic carrier bags. It’s all part of a government initiative to reduce litter and help protect our environment.


In May 2021 the charge increases to 10p per bag. We are staying in-line with the current government legislation. As a result, our carrier bags will now cost 10p rather than the 5p they were before. From Monday 7th June, we’ll be buying back recycled bags for 10p.

We don’t make any profit on these carrier bag sales. We put it all back into the environment through charitable organisations like WRAP and Trees for Cities.


The legislation applies to all single-use plastic carrier bags, including the ones we use to deliver your groceries to you in tip-top condition.

Find out more about how we recycle our carrier bags and why we still use them >

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