Why is the 'total price' on my receipt different from the 'estimated total price' I was given when I ordered?

There could be two different reasons for this:

1. Individual prices. As weights and sizes of some products vary, certain items (also known as catch-weight items) are priced according to the exact weight of the item delivered to you. To give you an estimated idea of what these products will cost when you're shopping, we show you the price of the item per kilogram, the 'typical weight' of the item and the 'typical price' per item. It's important to remember that the price of the actual item delivered to you (as listed on your receipt), may be slightly different to the 'typical price' you were given when you placed your order. So, why does this affect your overall order? Well, the 'typical price' of an item is used to calculate both the estimated total price of your trolley, and the estimated total price set out in your order confirmation email. Therefore, the 'total price' of your order (as listed on your receipt) may differ slightly from the 'estimated total price' you were originally given.

2. Supplier changes. Very rarely, and only as a result of supplier-led price changes, there may be a change in the price/kg of an item between the time your order is placed and the time the catch-weight item is weighed and priced by the supplier. Why? Well, the supplier enters the weight and price information on a product's barcode. Therefore, the price we charge you for that item will be the price in place at the time the supplier delivered it to us.

Please note: We operate a pricing mechanism on approximately 98.5% of non catch-weight items. This cancels out any subsequent price changes and automatically charges you the price that was shown on the website when you placed your order.

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