How does the Bag Recycle Bonus work?

Simply follow the process below and we’ll discount 10p per bag from your final order total.

  1. Our drivers will bring your delivery to your door.
  2. You need to bag up your Ocado bags in one outer Ocado carrier bag (max. 99 bags at a time).
  3. The driver will take just one bagful per delivery to be recycled.
  4. The bags are recycled as part of our closed-loop process.

You'll then receive an email confirming your new order total (with the discount applied). Please note that the bonus will not show on your account or receipt at the moment, please look out for the email called 'What you returned, and your new total'. We will recycle all carrier bags that you give to your driver, but you will only get a Bag Recycle Bonus on Ocado bags. We’ll send you an email confirming your bonus after your bags have been counted and processed. This should be on the same day that we deliver your shopping.

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