What is Ocado Reserved?

Ocado Reserved is a free service that allows you to choose a delivery time that works for you. Once you’ve found your perfect slot, we'll attempt to automatically book the same one for you every week (or two weeks, whichever you prefer), placing a suggested order based on what you'd usually buy in advance of your delivery, giving you plenty of time to edit your order as much as you like, up to your cut-off point. That means less searching the website for a slot, and the aisles for your shop!

Your order will be confirmed and checked out 30 days before your reserved delivery day and time. However, as our slots are subject to availability, there may be occasions whereby your chosen slot is temporarily unavailable. If this occurs, you will be notified on your account that your order couldn't be placed. If you'd like to select an alternative delivery time, you can do this manually. Your next Reserved order will not be affected. 

Ocado Reserved does not operate during Christmas week (20th - 27th December), and restarts on December 28th, however, any PM orders on New Year's Eve be won't be automatically booked. If you would usually have a PM slot, you can book this the usual way. 

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