Why can't I check out?

We’re sorry to hear you're having issues at checkout, we’d like to get that sorted for you. Please check one of the following reasons: 

Occasionally a technical issue can prevent check out. We recommend giving it a couple of tries and then clearing your website data. For help with this, please read our FAQ, How do I clear cookies?

If the issue persists, please chat to one of our Advisors, here - we're always happy to help!

You might have started adding to a new order, rather than editing an existing one. To add to an existing order, find the order you’d like to edit by selecting Orders from the 'My Ocado' tab and click 'Edit'. You’ll be asked if you want to add the items in your trolley to this order. Find out more about how to edit an existing order here.

The cut-off time for editing your order may have passed. Please check your texts and emails to see your cut-off time. Unfortunately, we can’t help you add any more items to that order if you've missed the cut-off. If you still have time to edit, click on the Ocado logo to go back to the homepage and try again.

The delivery slot reservation may have expired. When you select a delivery slot, you have 60 minutes to check out before the reservation expires. If that's happened, the checkout button will grey out and you'll need to choose a new delivery slot before you can check out.

You may not have reached the £40 minimum spend just yet.

Your card may be due to expire on the day your delivery is due. We only take payment for an order when it's delivered, not when you complete your payment at the checkout. So, if your card is due to expire before we plan to take a payment, it may not be accepted. Unfortunately, we can't verify your new card either, as it can't be activated until your current card expires. If you think it may be something else, you'll need to contact your bank to make sure there are no other problems with your card. They will undertake the verification process on our behalf.

Still having trouble? Get in touch with us, here.

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