What happens if something I've ordered has to be substituted?

We always aim to get your shop to you exactly as you’ve ordered it, when this doesn’t happen, we try to match anything that’s out of stock with the closest items possible.

If you receive any substitutions, we always let you know in your receipt email and SMS (if you’re opted in). Your driver will ask you first if you are happy with them and, if not, you can let them know before you pick up the shopping. They’ll take them back and you won’t be charged for those products.

If there isn't a chance for you to return any substituted products on the doorstep, you’ll be able to request a refund on any substitutes you did not want – just follow the usual refund process.

Need help requesting a refund? Please read our FAQ, How do I request a refund? 

Items aren't available for delivery but no substitution has been offered, why is this?

We work very hard to fulfil all your orders and minimise any unavailable items. On very rare occasions, due to a last-minute operational issue or an unexpected supplier issue, items might be unavailable for delivery. You will always be informed before your delivery and won't be charged for any items that we cannot deliver.

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