Can I recycle old batteries?

Although we don't accept old battery returns, we highly recommend you recycling them at your local collection point!

Each battery recycled will be taken apart and many of the materials will be used to make new batteries or other products. If you put them in with your regular rubbish they’ll be taken to landfill sites and the resources in them lost. There’s also the potential for them to cause pollution, as batteries contain hazardous substances such as mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd) or lead (Pb).

All batteries labelled with the crossed-out wheelie bin shouldn’t be added to your reyeahgular waste, but instead at specific battery recycling points.

All types of batteries – disposable and rechargeable – can be recycled, including:
AAA and AA cells.
Sizes C and D.
Button batteries (e.g. watch or hearing aid batteries).
Mobile phone batteries.
Laptop batteries.
Powertool batteries.

You can find a battery collection point near you that’ll accept your used batteries free of charge here. Enter your postcode to see if your household collection service will take them, or to find a local collection point.

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