I added an item on Alexa, but it hasn't been delivered

Please check if the missing item is still in your Ocado trolley. If it’s there, you may have given the instruction to add to your trolley rather than your upcoming order. Please note: Alexa will add to a future order as a priority. 

Alternatively, you may have added the item after your order cut-off time. We’ll always send you a confirmation email telling you exactly what’s been included in your order, you can also check your order at any time on your Order’s page. 

If your trolley’s empty, you may not have remembered to tell Alexa to use the Ocado skill at the beginning of your instruction. For more information on how to use the Alexa skill, please read: What can I do with your Alexa Skill?

Still having trouble? Get in contact with us, here.

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